5 Ways Decluttering Will Improve Your Life

Do you feel like your possessions are swallowing you whole? This post will be the inspiration you need to take back control of your life once and for all! Don't miss these 5 ways decluttering will improve your life :)The excess clutter in our homes can be such a burden to carry.

The worst part is, we sometimes don’t even realize how much this excess is dragging us down until we finally allow ourselves to become free from it.

I’ve learned a lot over the past few years of simplifying my life and striving to live as clutter-free as possible.

And let me say…as a Mom of two with a 2-year-old and 2-month-old, it certainly hasn’t been easy trying to keep our home and lives simplified. As our children grow and require new clothes or items to accommodate their ever-evolving needs, it is definitely work to keep up with the constant flow of items coming into our home.

It’s all I can do sometimes to make sure our stuff isn’t swallowing us whole. But even though there is significant effort required in maintaining a (mostly) clutter-free home in this season of my life, I know for a fact that it’s worth it.

Living this way has improved our lives in more ways than I can count. [Read more…]

7 Tips to Simplify Weeknight Meals

Do you struggle to get dinner on the table on weeknights? Then you will not want to miss these tips to simplify weeknight meals plus a free meal planning printable pack to help you get organized!When life gets crazy, healthy and homemade meals are usually the last thing I’m concerned about and takeout becomes a bit too much of a staple in our house.

We found this to be especially true after we brought our second baby home 9 weeks ago. And I think on day 12 in a row of takeout for dinner, I finally reached my breaking point and decided that something needed to change. I needed to find a strategy to simplify weeknight meals to make getting healthy and home cooked dinners on the table a possibility, even with a 2-year-old and newborn making things around here absolute chaos at times.

In the past few weeks, I’ve come up with a few different tips to simplify weeknight meals that I wanted to share with you all! Whether you’re in a busy season of life and struggle to find the time to make meals at home, or you just loathe cooking and want to reduce the amount of time you have to spend in your kitchen, I hope you find these tips helpful! [Read more…]

Savor the Holidays Mini Course is back!

Are you tired of feeling frenzied and stressed out in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Choose happiness and joy this year instead, and learn how to Savor the Holidays! Click to read how you can slow down and soak up all the joy this holiday season has to offer! :)

I am beyond excited to officially announce that my Savor the Holidays mini course is back for its second holiday season!

So many of you said you enjoyed participating last year that I decided to offer the course again this year for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to take it yet πŸ™‚

As much as we all wish the holidays were purely relaxing, the truth is that this time of year has a way of making us feel frenzied and unable to appreciate how wonderful the holiday season can be.

Last year I had enough of the stress and busyness that accompanies the holiday season and decided to finally do something about it! I wanted the holidays to be different for not only my family and I, but for you and your families as well. I want us all to be able to have a rich holiday season filled with mindfulness and creating meaningful memories!

In the spirit of making sure that happens, I created a wonderful mini course called Savor the Holidays. I would love for you to join me in this 21 day mini course that is designed to guide you through slowing down and soaking up all of the joy this holiday season. [Read more…]

Introducing my new little guy!

Hi Friends! How are you?!

I’m so sorry for going MIA the past few weeks, but I promise I have a good reason!

(If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ve already known my fun news for a little while – so if you aren’t already on my newsletter list, be sure to click here to subscribe as I’m better at giving updates there than on the blog lately).

Life has been the best kind of busy lately, as our sweet baby boy made his debut at 1:51am on September 22nd πŸ™‚ [Read more…]

11 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed (+ Free Workbook)

Do you often feel overwhelmed by life and don't know how to deal? Don't miss these 11 things to do when you feel overwhelmed, plus snag your FREE WORKBOOK with tried-and-true strategies to help you work through it! If I could choose one word to describe this year for me, it would be overwhelmed.

While it’s not exactly a positive word or one that captures the joy and blessings I’ve also experienced this year, it’s still a pretty honest depiction of how I’ve felt the last 6+ months.

I think we all go through seasons like this, where life just feels downright difficult sometimes and we enter survival mode as a means to just get through it and try to move on.

While I’m still a work in progress and constantly trying to find better ways to deal with feeling overwhelmed at times, I wanted to share some of the strategies that have helped me this year in coping when the feeling of overwhelm creeps up on me. I know that we all feel overwhelmed with life from time to time and it always helps me in knowing I’m not alone in that struggle πŸ™‚ [Read more…]

Fifteen 30-Day Challenge Ideas That Will Change Your Life

If you want to improve your life in the biggest way possible, this is a must-read! Here are fifteen 30-day challenges that will inspire you to make big changes in your life for the better! :)It’s no secret around here that I’m a huge advocate for self-development.

I love the idea of always trying to improve my life and work towards becoming the best version of me that I can possibly be.

It just so happens to be one of my greatest passions in life to help others do the same πŸ™‚

I’ve been a big fan of 30-Day challenges and the positive impact that they can make on your life. It’s said that 30 days is enough time to solidify a new habit that you want to incorporate into your daily routine, or even to subtract a habit that hasn’t been good for your health or well-being. [Read more…]